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Welcome to! We are so excited that you have decided to learn Japanese! Here, you will find relevant Japanese lessons, a number of online resources, as well as a collection of tried and true textbooks and other materials. ​


Our Mission:


Our mission is to make your Japanese language journey easier than ever before by giving you access to all the best resources from across the web and put them in one, easy to navigate website in addition to our own lessons designed just for you!

About Us: 

Teach Me Japanese is owned and operated by Japanese culture enthusiasts who have gone through the process of learning the Japanese language. Having been students ourselves, we understand the challenges you face in your language learning journey and want to help you as much as we can. You can learn more about our team below! 

Please become a member of to post in the forum and connect with other Japanese learners! If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, visit the Contact Us page and we will gladly help you.



Meet the staff

Lauren Sueki
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Founder and Author of Teach Me Japanese, Lauren is a 23 year old artist and housewife living in Japan. Originally hailing from the United States, where she attended Eastern Michigan University, she has always had a passion for languages and teaching.

Emily Deshotel
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Emily Deshotel is a cyclist who spends the rest of her free time writing. Currently, Emily lives in Ann Arbor, MI and is pursuing a double major in Business and Japanese Studies.

Hirotaka Sueki
Native Japanese Consultant
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Hirotaka, married to Lauren, is the native Japanese proofreader here at Teach Me Japanese. Hiro is 26 years old and has a love for art and cars. In the future he hopes to create and design his own fashion line for Men. He currently resides in Tochigi Prefecture with Lauren.

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