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Updated: Apr 29, 2019

親(おや)- parents

両親(りょうしん)- parents

お母さん(おかあさん)- mom

母親(ははおや)- mother

お父さん(おとうさん)- dad

父親(ちちおや)- father

お兄さん(おにいさん)- older brother

お姉さん(おねえさん)- older sister

姉妹(しまい)- sisters

娘(むすめ)- daughter

息子(むすこ)- son

おばさん - aunt

おじさん - uncle

おばあさん - grandma

おじいさん - grandpa

祖母(そぼ)- grandmother

祖父(そふ)- grandfather

いとこ - cousin

孫(まご)- grandchild

姪(めい)- niece

姪っ子(めいっこ)- niece

甥(おい)- nephew

甥っ子(おいっこ)- nephew

義理の母(ぎりのはは)- mother-in-law

義理の父(ぎりのちち)- father-in-law

義理の息子(ぎりのむすこ)- son-in-law

義理の娘(ぎりのむすめ)- daughter-in-law

義理の姉(ぎりのあね)- sister-in-law (older)

義理の兄(ぎりのあに)- brother-in-law (older)

義理の妹(ぎりのいもうと)- sister-in-law (younger)

義理の弟(ぎりのおとうと)- brother-in-law (younger)

こんにちは, Japanese learners! We’re back today with a new vocab list on family words in Japanese.

You can now expand your conversations with your Japanese friends by asking about their family and talking about yours!! We’ve provided some example sentences below to give you an idea of how you can use this new vocabulary (ノ≧ڡ≦)

Example Sentences :


And that’s it for todays vocab lesson! If you still have any questions or comments please leave them below and head on over to our resources tab for even more fun ways to learn Japanese!

As always, がんばってね!

Lauren Sueki

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